Frequently Asked Questions

COVID-19 Information

I have an urgent matter to attend to. Who can I contact?

For all emergencies please send a text to 314-312-3105 containing a detailed description of the issue at hand.

Who can answer my shipping and payment-related questions?

Please kindly email any financial or shipping-related questions to or call 636-279-1505 and someone from our team would be happy to assist you.

Who can answer my order-related and general questions?

Please kindly email any customer service-related inquiries and general order questions to or guve us a call at 636-279-1505 and someone from our Reception Team would be delighted to assist you.

If my wedding is postponed. how does this affect alterations?

Many weddings are being rescheduled and shuffled around due to COVID and we promise that we will accomodate you and your new wedding date to the best of our ability. Please keep us informed as to your change of date, if there is one. Please call 636-279-1505 or email us any updates at

Making an Appointment

Do I need an appointment to try on wedding dresses at Smile and Blush Boutique?

Yes, in order for our team to give you their full attention, appointments are required. We suggest you book your appointment two to three weeks prior, however, please feel free to call for possible same-day availability at 636-279-1505.

How to I make an appointment?

Click here to book an appointment online, call our Front Desk at 636-279-1505 or send an email to

How long is my appointment?

Gown appointments are allotted 1.5 hours. All other appointments are alloteed 30 Mins to an Hour.

Can I cancel my appointment?

Yes, but please call 48 hours ahead of time to avoid cancellation fees at 636-279-1505.

Do I need an appointment to look at accessoried?

Anyone may walk-in at any time that we are open to try on shoes and jewelry. Appointments are required to try on veils and headpieces. Same day appointments may be availble so please feel free to call for possible availibility at 636-279-1505. Click here for store hours.

Can I complete my entire look in one appointment?

Absolutely! You can find your gown first and then accessorise at following appointments during fitting and alterations.

Why do you take my credit card to make an appointment?

At Smile and Blush Boutique we require a Credit Card on file to reserve your appointment to reduce the risk of NO-CALL and NO-SHOW issues. There is no charge for the appointment. However, if you do not cancel 48 Hours prior to your appointment, you will be charged a $100.00 cancellation fee.

How do I make sure a gown that I love from the website is at Smile and Blush Boutique for my appointment?

You may call to reserve a specific own at 636-279-1505. You MUST book an appointment four months out in order for us to bring in a specific gown for trials.

What if I do not find THE ONE at my first appointment? How do I make another appointment?

If you do not fall in love at your first appointment, you will be able to work with your consultant to book a return appointment. You can schedule it with our receptionist before you leave or simply give us a call at 636-279-1505 when you are ready to book the next appointment.


What should I bring to my appointment?

Please be sure to bring the following required items to your appointment: Budget Paramaters, Photographs of gowns, Bridal Accessories, and shoes (if you already have them), Proper Undergarments (remember, you'll be changing in front of a stranger, if you plan on wearing shapewear or a strapless bra, please bring them with you) and most importantly, an open mind! Don't be surprised if you find "THE ONE" on your first visit. Please understand that failure to arrive to your appointment with the listed items will result in an automatic cancellation of the appointment and $100.00 cancellation fee. Learn how to prepare for your appointment at: Preparing for your Appointment.

Who should I bring to my appointment?

Bring only your closest friend or family member that has a valuable opionion and knows you well and whom you would love to share this experience with. At this time, due to COVID-19 concerns, we are adhering to a strict 2 person per bride policy at Smile and Blush Boutique. Learn more on how to choose who to bring: Choosing the righ cheer squad.

Do I get to choose my consultant?

At this time we do not allow clients to choose from our staff. Once COVID-19 is no longer a problem we will open up the client calendar for full access to our team. If you need a consultant that speaks a particular language please do not hesitate to ask.

Can I take photographs of the Gowns I try on?

Absolutely, we encourage you to do so and feel free to share with us at #smileandblushboutique

What are the price ranges for your Gowns?

Bridal Gowns range from $900.00 to $15,550.00 with your fitted alterations included. All other gowns range from $60.00 and up.

What gown sizes are available to try-on at Smile and Blush Boutique?

Our samples come in a variety of sizes to be as inclusive as possible. Our team is experienced in clipping and pinning to ensure a great fit and as always, we go by measurements and NOT SIZES. We specialise in making the gown fit YOU and not the other way around.

When should I start shopping for a wedding gown?

The best practice for finding THE ONE is to allow 8-10 months before your wedding to order your gown. That means you'll want to start shopping at least a year in advanced. Gowns can be order as close as four months out but we do not guarantee an arrival date as this is too close to the event date for a gown to be made, shipped, and altered without risking issues.

What is a special-order gown?

Most all gowns found in Smile and Blush are special-order. A special-order gown is made specifically for you by a designer, based on the measurements we take from you, the designer then uses their pattern closes to your measurements to create your gown. Then during alterations our team of seamstresses and tailors will work to make the gown fit to your body perfectly.

How do you determin sizes?

Our Bridal Consultants will take full body measurement from top to body that will be sent in to your designer as well as kept on file for Alterations to use for fittings.

Can I customise my wedding gown? Such as adding sleeves, removing sleeves?

Yes, all customisations are available at additional fees.


When should I start shopping for accessories?

Special order veils and pieces have a 3-5 month lead-time and is advised that a decision be made when ordering your gown.

Do I need an appointment to look at accessories?

Yes, our accessories department operates by appointment only. Request an appointment here.

How long are accessories appointments?

Typically, an accessories appointment can take up to an hour.

Will I have a consultant for my accessories appointment?

Yes, you will work 1 on 1 with and Accessory Stylist to pair the perfect pieces to you and your gown.

Can I still buy accessories from Smile and Blush Boutique even if I didn't purchase my gown from there?

Yes, please request an appointment by calling 636-279-1505 or booking online in order to bring your gown in to put on and see with different pieces.

Rush Orders

I'm getting married in four months or less - is it too late to get a gown?

It is not too late, but every second counts! We have plenty of samples off the rack available or working wih a consultant to determine which designers can meet your needs which could include an additional rush charge.

What is a rush order?

A rush order is any order placed less than six months out from the first fitting. Your first fitting is 8 Weeks before the events date. Rush fees are also determined by the designer so there is a possibility of not having an additional charge. Rush orders may arrive 1-3 weeks before your event and do not always come with an immediate shipping date. When placing a rush order please be aware that our Refund Policy still applies and we cannot allow payment plans on rush orders due to this fact. These details will be outlined in your contract.

How much will a rush order cost?

Rush Order fees vary by designer, style, and wedding date.

What else would I need to know about rush orders?

Please be aware that Rush Orders gurantee Rush Alterations. This means that while we try to accommodate all work schedules, we cannot guarantee times that fit your needs, so please try to keep an open mind and flexible schedule.

Fittings & Alterations

When should I schedule my first fitting?

Each client will receive an email, text, or call from our staff when your gown physically arrives in store. At that time, the balance of your gown is due to be paid in full in order to schedule your first fitting. Gennerally, your first fitting will be scheduled 8-12 Weeks before your event date but can vary depending on the designer and arrival date.

What should I bring to my first fitting?

ALL CLIENTS should bring the shoes and undregarments you'll wear on the event date in order for our team to properly fit any items you may try on. Your under garments also greatly affect your measurements. If you do not bring your shoes or proper undergarments to your first appointment an additional $100.00 fee will be added to your invoice due to additional labour needing to be adding to our Alteration Team's calendar.

How many fittings will I need?

Typically, we require 3 fittings to ensure the proper fit. After the final fitting, we we'll press and pack your gown for you to take home a week before your event.

Payment & Financing

How do I pay for my dress?

We accept all major credit cards, and cash. At this time we do not accept checks. If you are ordering a special order gown we require a 60% deposit at the time you order your gown. -When your gown arrives and passes our quality control check, we will contact you to schedule your first fitting and collect the your remaining balance. -If you are buying a sample gown off the rack, we require 100% payment same day. -If you have requested that we ship your gown our of state, your balance must be paid for in full before it can be shipped.

Do I have to pay for my gown in full?

-We require a 50% deposit for all orders before you leave the store and before we will place the order. -We require a 60% deposit on all Rush/Special Orders. -Alterations must be paid in full before they will be started, delay in payment could affect your prepardness by the event date.

Will I pay sales tax on my gown?

Yes, law requires sales taxes to be applied to all sold products.

Do you offer any military discounts?

We offer a 10% military discount for active duty and veterans and/or their future spouses. You must have a valid Military ID or a valid DD214. *Some designers restrict us from offering dicounts. We apologise but we do not have control over this.


How will I know when my gown has shipped?

Once a designer provides us with shipping information our receptoinist will send out an email to each client.

Do you provide a tracking number?

We only provide tracking numbers for items shipped directly to a client's home. All orders shipped to store do not come with a tracking number. Our staff will contract you once your items arrive in-store.

What do I do if I have my gown shipped to my house?

If you have your gown shipped direct to you, it is HIGHLY reccommended that you do not open the packaging at all until you have brought it to a proffessional seamstress or into our location. We ar enot responsible for damages to an open gown that has been shipped direct to home as we have no way to prove how the damages occured.

Gown Preservation

How much do you charge for gown preservation?

The price for cleaning and preservation services varies, depending on the style and detailing of your gown. Due to the complex contstruction, there is and additional charge for heavily beaded and applique gowns. Please call 636-279-1505 to discuss a possible quote for your gown.

How do I bring my gown in for Preservation?

After arrangements have been made with a Preservation Specialist, you gown can be dropped off at 1310 Mid Rivers Mall, Saint Peters, Missouri 63376 (Located inside the Mid Rivers Mall in Saint Peters) If you live outside of the area please contact us directly for shipping information.

When should I have my gown cleaned and preserved?

As soon as possible after the event. Stains can damage fabrics over times making it harder to clean and preserve.

How should I store my gown after the wedding?

DO NOT PUT YOUR GOWN BACK ON THE HANGER OR IN A PLASTIC BAG! Keep your gown in a dark, dry place, foldered or rolled into a clean, white sheet. Do not store your gown in a plastic garment bag as this may cause yellowing to the fabric.

WISH Clients

Can I shop off the shelf for WISH Items?

No. WISH is strictly online order only. When you order a "pick up now" item. Our employees will need the QR Code provided by WISH in order to locate the item you have purchased. We are strictly a pickup location with no access to your personal information.

Where can I find the QR code?

You can locate the QR code in the WISH APP under ORDER HISTORY. If your item is available for pick up, it will state "Available for pickup". If your item does not say "Available for pickup", the item is NOT available, your item is not at our showroom for pickup. We are strictly a pickup location with no access to your personal information.

Can you look up my package by my name?

We cannot. We are strictly a pickup location with no access to your personal information.

Can I return an item in-store?

No. We are strictly a pickup location with no access to your personal information.

How long do I have to pick up my packages?

Unfortunately, we do not have control over this and you should check with WISH.